Convocation 2016

IHMA Convocation held in Bangalore and Our Students received PhD were

Koteshwari  PhD   Medical Biophysics

Neurological effect of Vedic Therapy on Adolescence    children targeting spikes and waves of Electroencephalography(EEG)

Sowmya. S       PhD   Medical Microbiology

Developmental Toxicity Evauation of Silver Nanoparticles synthesized from Banana inflorencence by using Danio Rerio(Zebrafish) Embryos, and assessment of nanoparticles uptake in Tumors by using chick chorioallantoic membrane(CAM)Conv_2

Chundury Phani Rama Krishna    PhD  Vedic Health Sciences (Health Management)

Selected Vedic Chant – Effect on Bio-Chemical Assay and Physical Parameters of Plants and Altered Health Conditions in Humans with Special reference to Anxious Pregnancy

Tummala Venkata Hanuman Subrahmanyam

Health Management Effect of Pranayam, Meditation and fress raw food Therapy on individuals suffering from Health Hazards due to present Urban Living Conditions.

Atmakuri Phani Krishna Chaitanya Kumar  PhD  Health Management

Wellness Mantra for Improving the Lifestyle change Health Hazard and the effect of vedic chant & Musical Raagas in increasing the quantity and quantity for the productivity from the selected Medicinal Herbs.

Poornima Jairam PhD Music Therapy

Comparison of the effect of Morning and Evening Indain Classical Ragas on the growth parameters of selected medicinal plants. A modern approach to ancient wisdom Impact of sonic notes at assigned times on the medicinal value of selected plants

Jaya Garg PhD Dermatogylphics – Autism(Multiple Intelligence)

Dermataglyphics and its relation to the multiple intelligence of an individual – Special Reference to Autism


Reshma . A  PhD  in Medical Oncology (Bio Chemistry)

Inhibitory Effects of Thymoquinone (TQ) induces apoptosis through activation of Nuclear Factor – kB(NF-kB) Pathway in AML(HL-60)

Swetha B.N PhD Medical Genetics – Myopia

Dermatoglyphic pattern as an indicator for analysing risk factors of Congenital Myopia: Genetic counceling as a measure for controlling myopia in current and future generations

Aruna.G.Nair PhD Medical Biochemistry (Bio Technology)

Effect of Rig vedic chanting on Biophytum sensitivum,Enicostema,axillare,Cissus quadrangularis,Asparagus racemose, used for curing uterine disorders especially polycystic ovarian syndromeConv_3

Supraja.V PhD Child Psychology

Phychological Changes Between Parent and Child aged between 10 to 16 Years.

Anita Raghavendra Psycholingustics ( Psycology)

Effectively improving the linguistic skills in slow learners using special module specifically for students affected due to psychological problems, poverty and health issues with special reference to English Language(Age group between 18 to 21 Yrs)

Yasmin Sayed Human Psychology (Health Management)

Study of Stress level and its impact on the health Management for working women and single parentConv_4

G Asha Linguistic Health Approach (Health Management)

General Medical Health Awareness for illiterate women using regional languageConv_1



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